Personal Data Ownership

Speculative wikipedia article on non existent Data Ownership Rights.

In this article we reveal multiple ways to effectively protect data as a resource, commodity and capital. Our approach was not to break, but to respectfully analyze law to understand its principles and interests of all the parties that are involved in data-driven value chains. We examined possibilities for the profits made here to contribute to public, individual and business interests in brave new and fair ways. These ideas might should be considered by legislators. Though what is important for us, in the first place, is to spread these ideas among produsers of data.

Where do produsers look and find something they don’t but want to know about? In reality they would not look for potentially curious laws, but google something like “wiki data ownership”. Produsers, and we among them, trust Wikipedia for a transparent (of course not without exceptions) and collaborative format.

We do not have a ready for parliamentary reading manifesto. Yet we have a framework, for speculative regulations of real Data Protection.